Captain Perry McDougald is a fully licensed and insured USCG Captain who is passionate about sharing his knowledge of the Crystal Coast.  He got his first taste of fly fishing from his father who tried to teach him the basics to a cast on the ponds around his grandparents home.  His passion for fly fishing really to grow while attending college at Appalachian State University.  Perry and his college friends would chase brook trout and monster browns on the Watauga River and even jump over to the South Holston when they had the chance.  It was when Captain Perry made the choice to move out west in search of adventure that his love of fly fishing began to thrive and flourish while living in Vail, Colorado and working for Gore Creek Fly Fisherman.  Chasing native cutthroat with dry flies on the local streams or throwing streamers to big hungry fish on the larger rivers how most of his days were spent. 

When he decided to move back home to North Carolina is when his love of salt water fly fishing took flight, he was "hooked".  Subtle 7x tippet was replaced by 20# leaders and finicky trout evolved into tailing redfish.  

Captain Perry and his wife Dana now own and operate the Harborlight Guest House located where the old ferry landing used to be in Cape Carteret, North Carolina.  When he's not enjoying schmoozing with guests or telling some of the local folklore, there's a pretty good chance you'll find him poling through the marsh not far from home.

There's so much to enjoy and experience at the Crystal Coast, chasing redfish or busting bait balls are just a couple of those ways.  Come join us on an epic adventure through the marsh and enjoy all the sights that the area has to offer.

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