05/26/18 Fishing Report


Where did Spring go?  It seems we went straight into Summer time here at the Crystal Coast.  Not to say that's a bad thing, but dang.  So lets go ahead and jump right into this shindig of a fishing report, because it's pretty simple:  GO FISHING.

We're still finding good sized groups of fish in the area, a lot of the larger schools have split up and fishing are moving all over the marsh.  Instead of the 100 here or 300 there, it's a group of 20-30 by that bank or a pair of fish in this creek or the whispers of the group of 400 still lingering around.  The point is, there are plenty of fish around and MOST of them are willing to eat.  

The water is off-color and we're dealing with watching for more movement and head-wake than actually spotting fish underwater, but we're still sight fishing.  For the real adventure however, tailer season has begun.  When I say tailer I mean a fish in the shallow grass that floods during abnormally hight tides known as flood tides or king tides, and they have their face down and tail up sucking fiddler crabs and other delicious treats from the marsh floor.  There is a magic number that the tide has to hit for these areas to flood to allow fishing to go through the buffet line however, but if you want to schedule one of these trips, it sure is something special!  For flies on flood tides, I generally use a crab pattern, something along the lines of a Lexo's Pop Up Crab, size 4 or 6 tend to work.  USE A WEED GUARD during this, remember that you are fishing in the grass, not near it.  I will also keep a rod rigged up with some topwater treats, small gurglers tend to work well to grab the fishes attention and feed them a meal.  

More and more flounder are showing up which is epic because they're delicious.  Oh yeah, did I mention COBIA yet?  Thats right, cobia are being caught as I'm typing this so I can't waste another second on this.... time to load the skiff and hunt for the man in the brown suit!

Hey, call me if you want to go fishing, it'll be worth it!

Andrew McDougald