12/12/17 Fishing Report


The cooler weather has arrived and Old Man Winter has come to party.  Just because it's a little chilly outside doesn't mean the fishing slows down by any means.  As a matter of fact, the fishing has been absolute fire lately!

Cooler weather brings clear water which makes for some really great sight fishing for schooling redfish.  Also once the temp starts to drop and baitfish begin to move out of the area, the redfish school up, a protection by numbers attitude comes into play.  We have been finding some great groups of fish lately, some groups in the 10-20 fish range, most in the 30-50 fish range and even some over 100+ fish.  With clear water comes spooky fish, so keep your distance and casts further.  

With the whole schooled up mentality, these fish are seeking protection, so they can be in just enough water to cover their backs, sometimes that doesn't even happen.  Shallow open bays that get good sunlight are a great place to start checking.  Low-tide makes for some interesting fishing because all of those fish from this creek and that cut or here or there may be forced together into where the water stays during low tide and then BOOM, magically those small groups of fish have turned into one giant school.  

As far as tackle is concerned right now, I'm keeping my leaders a bit longer due to spooky fish, sometimes up in that 10' range.  Also, I'm throwing lightweight flies during low-tide so to not spook the group to bad.  Bead-chain clousers in black with copper flash are a winner, also a black and purple drum beater and the occasional crab pattern is still pulling in some good numbers right now.  Imitation shrimp patterns are another good call, or just general slider patterns.  The fish are beginning to turn a little more lethargic, so get the fly infront of them, and strip, strip just to get their attention.  Slow things down a bit, take your time and you'll be rewarded with some great winter time redfish action.  

We'll be keeping you posted on how the fishing continues to develop this winter, so stay tuned for more fishing reports and other outdoors articles!  If you have any questions you'd like answered or any feedback, feel free to email at mcflyfishingcharters@gmail.com and we'll get back to you as best we can! 


Dallas Thomas with a healthy redfish on one of his signature patterns, the Dr. Dre Two Fey

Dallas Thomas with a healthy redfish on one of his signature patterns, the Dr. Dre Two Fey

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