Show Season - ROUND ONE - VA Fly and Wine

It’s that time of the year again…. time to load the truck, pack the coolers and hit the road for show season! Once again this year, I’ll be helping a good friend of mine out, Mr. John Mauser with Mauser Fly Fishing on his show tour. The stops planned for this year are the VA Fly and Wine Festival, The Fly Fishing Show - Edison, NJ, The Fly Fishing Show - Atlanta, GA and The Fly Fishing Show - Lancaster, PA.

The crew had a great time at the Virginia Fly and Wine Festival this year. The event took place Jan. 13-14 in Doswell, VA. Honestly, I had a hard time not swinging into Kings Dominion for a quick ride on the Volcano or the Dominator but work called, so I had to pass. John and Justin arrived Friday before the show and got the booth set up, due to my schedule I wasn’t able to get up until early Saturday morning so I missed the first evening shenanigans. So, Saturday morning I loaded the truck and hit the road around 4am for the drive.

The first day of the show was great! We had a lot of interest in the Mauser fly rods and saw some old friends all at the same time. It’s great to see returning faces come by from the previous year and show the same excitement and passion as prior years. A lot of buzz around the booth on Saturday, we spent most of the day at the casting pond talking fishing and exchanging stories. Of course we made the rounds and checked out all of theater vendors who attended the show, a lot of great stuff there!

One of my favorite parts was that we were situated right next to the casting pond, so we got to see all of the guest instructors teach all of their clinics. One of my favorites was Mr. Ed Jaworowski, incredibly enlightening and I definitely took a lot home from that.

Sadly the weather turned a bit south after the first day. There was a winter storm that came through and dumped snow and freezing rain. So, Sunday was a bit slow but we still had a great time. It gave us time to really take a moment and cast other rods and check out some of the great vendors and their products at the show. Overall I’d say the show was a success and we all had a great time meeting new friends and catching up with old ones. We still have several stops for the Mauser show season including The Fly Fishing Show in: Edison, NJ; Atlanta, GA and Lancaster, PA. You can check out information on the shows at

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Andrew McDougald