Show Season - ROUND TWO - Edison, NJ


The Fly Fishing Show in Edison, NJ is always fun, except for the lack of left turns allowed in that state. For real though, can anyone explain how that makes sense? You have to go around your you know what to get anywhere up there!

Once again, the Mauser crew hit the road to Edison, New Jersey for one of the stops on The Fly Fishing Show circuit. We rolled two trucks deep this trip, that being due to me not getting back into town until 3pm on Thursday and immediately hitting the road with Mr. Dallas to head north. We got into town around 2am Friday morning after John and Patrick had already set up the booth. After enough fast food and a hot shower, it was time to hit the sack and get ready for the three days ahead!

This show is always a fun one, also the biggest. Between all of the buzz around the booth and trying to make rounds to see all of the other vendors, it was a FULL weekend. The floor was packed with all of the companies you all know, Orivs, Sage, Rio, Scientific Angler, Cortland, Patagonia and so on. There were also plenty of local and distant guide services, lodges, artists and philanthropic groups. There may have even been a tattoo artist there that I paid a visit to…. oops. We saw several old friends, and again made plenty of new ones!

Each day was full of the hustle and bustle of guests stopping by the booth to check out the rods and ask any questions they had. We had a range of curiosity from the difference in weights between each rod all the way through casual conversation and sharing fishing stories. We all took turns at the casting pond between clinics to help folks with their casting or to show off what the rods were capable of. The good news is… we came home with fewer rods than what we took up there. Big thumbs up to all the guys who busted their tail for the weekend.

Each day, there were several casting lessons from instructors from all over. A couple of my favorites were from Capt. Sarah Gardner with Outer Banks Fly Fishing and Jeff Currier. I try and take away a couple points from any presentation and with Capt. Sarah’s and Jeff’s presentations, they both spoke in detail about your body position and how to increase your speed, power and accuracy through your stance.

The Jersey show is always a good time for the crew. Dominating the “Fat Cup” at a local eatery or Korean BBQ fried glass minnows. We were all a little taken back about eating bait for dinner but hey… why not? We’re looking forward to shooting down south for the next stop in Atlanta. On to the next one!

For all of the goodies about the fly rods, make sure and check out Mauser Fly Fishing.

If you have any questions or interest in attending shows, head over to the The Fly Fishing Show and check dates and tickets.

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I’ll be reporting back after round three down in Atlanta, GA over Super Bowl weekend. Should be another EPIC weekend with the crew!

Andrew McDougald