03/21/19 Fishing Report

We’ve gotten a small taste of Springtime around these parts, just when you think the sun is going to stay out and you can put on your flip flops, here comes a little rain and cooler weather. I’m not saying thats a bad thing by any means, but dang it I just want to be barefoot and in shorts. Of course when that happens I’ll probably be begging for cooler weather, so I’ll just appreciate it while it’s here.

The weather may be constantly changing, but the fishing has been pretty solid lately. Gin clear water and schooled up fish has made for some really great days out there for sight fishing. I’ll be honest, some of the schools of fish around have been hit pretty hard and they’re a wee bit on the spooky side, but if you just take your time and move slow, its normally rewarded with a few good eats.

Most of the fish we’ve been finding have been in more open water areas with access to a deeper run for easy access. Low tide has been the name of the game but that is slowly changing. More and more fish have been seen cruising through the grass and the fiddler crabs have been spotted! So that means tailing season is soon upon us so you’re darn right that I’ll be out and about looking for tailers!

But, back to the fish that are here now. Most fish have been holding up in areas with a darker bottom, it keeps warmth from the sun a bit longer. A white fly, or more natural colors such as tans and browns have been very productive lately. Clousers, deceivers, Kwan crabs and Redfish Cracks have all been producing solid eats. A bit slower of a strip than normal, keeping the fly towards the bottom with tension constantly on the line will make sure you feel the eat and set the hook properly.

If you’re heading out on your own, target that falling to low tide, find the fish moving from the open shallow flats towards the deeper sections and position your self to where you don’t spook the group. Take your time and don’t be discouraged if they run off for a bit, just keep a close eye on them and they’ll normally circle back around to the general area where they were first spotted. Remember be safe out there and have fun!

Mr. Dave Schneider with a pretty fish on a falling tide.

Mr. Dave Schneider with a pretty fish on a falling tide.

Andrew McDougald